Effects Of Computer On Human Life

Today computer are reaidly grew technology widely through out of the world. They are used many task for easily without going anywhere COVID 19 time due to their various potential it help to resolve of human life and encounters in daily life. Therefores ,they have more influence on our life. our computer usage obviously identified as Saving of Money, Time and Effort ,earning the money without going anywhere, it is really help of covid 19 time du to lockdown over the world

Computer has been inverented to every where sphere of human life mobile phone, tv show ,super market, Hospitals, Railways, Share ,Tradings, online  business ,online marketing artificial Intelligence  etc

Advantage of computer

  • Increase of productivity
  • Get a better understanding data and information
  • Keep with you connectt friends and family
  • Make you money throught internet
  • Improve you abilities and save of time
  • find love in your life
  • learning education

Disavatage of computer

  • To much setting at home
  • Potential loss and privacy risk
  • Manifulation of data
  • Reduce the job
  • computer negative effect on environment
  • environmental  issue a those where the manufacturing use of computer has had a negative impack of on the environment

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